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Boca Raton Police Athletic League PAL

These activities are free of charge and provided by the Boca Raton Police Athletic League (PAL) and its volunteers. PAL is an after school program which provides the youth of our community with a safe place to go after school and participate in athletic activities. The PAL gym is located at 160 NW 24th in Boca Raton, Bay #17. For more information on these programs contact PAL at (561)620-6144. Programs are best suited for children aged 9-18.

PAL Boxing

PAL Boxing

PAL Boxing

Meets at PAL gym Monday – Thursday 4:00 – 7:30 p.m. (Sanctioned USA Amateur Boxing)
Meets at PAL gym on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 4:00pm

Call for schedule – programs are done at city parks

Parent/Guardian Permission Slip

I hereby give my son/daughter permission to participate in Boca Raton PAL activities. I understand that injuries can arise from sports activities and I agree to not hold Boca Raton PAL, its staff, or volunteers, liable for any injuries. This form must be on file before any child can participate. If injury does occur, I am responsible for filing the claim with my own insurance agency.

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Parents/Guardians: The Boca PAL routinely uses images from the gym, outside training and related PAL activities to promote its program/s and to further enhance the PAL’s relationship with the city of Boca Raton and other entities. These videos may be shared via social media, in informational documents and/or the internet. IF YOU DO NOT CONSENT TO YOUR CHILD’S PHOTO OR IMAGE BEING USED IN THIS MANNER, PLEASE SIGN BELOW. All photos used will be retained for use by Boca PAL only and not be shared with outside or third party entities not involved or associated or doing business with Boca PAL.